Pure Healing

Bodywork Art Therapy Tarot


The ancient art of divination began in Italy in 1450 CE and was viewed as a game; however, over the eons of time it, has evolved to be so much more.  Divination cards can guide and show us the outcome of a situation should we choose a particular path, the hidden aspects of a situation, what is manifesting, who may be there to guide us. By asking specific questions we can connect with our own inner guidance, our unconscious and hear the answers which come from both within ourselves and other realms.

Divination is a sacred art and I have been connecting with them for over 20 years.

Remember always:  You are the master of your destiny.


45 minutes: $75

1 hour: $95

(Image taken from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish, Art by Michele-lee Phelan. Published by Blue Angel Gallery)