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Shamanic Work

Older than any other tradition on Earth, a true shaman of the tribe or village trains from birth for 40 years before being called a Shaman. 

I am not a Shaman, but I hold the teachings, values and beliefs of the Shamanic way close to my heart.  These beliefs are the very foundation of my practice. No matter what modality I am working with, Shamanic intention will be woven in.

I have been trained by those who have received teachings in Peru, America and Australia, to listen to the Land, Spirit, and the Ancestors. By walking the Medicine Wheel or sacred Journey  I am able to bring back their teaching.  

In a Shamanic healing you can be guided by drumming, voice, story and song to travel through your landscape.  Possibly meeting with guides from other realms including Spirit, Animal, Angelic. 

Relax and open yourself up to a new way of tapping into your authentic self.  Begin to find a new way to be in your everyday life.

Shamanic journeying awakens your Spirit, helping you to make meaning of your life and situations which arise, enabling you to bridge what you discover into western society, your work, your home and social life.

Truly transformational.

1 hour session $95